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PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia -- Divers retrieve one black box and locate the other from the AirAsia plane that crashed more than two weeks ago, key developments that should help investigators unravel what caused the aircraft to plummet into the Java Sea. The cockpit voice recorder was found hours after officials announced that the flight data recorder had been pulled from beneath a piece of the aircraft's wing and brought to the sea's surface. By Achmad Ibrahim. SENT: 600 words, photos.


PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- Pakistani children return to the school where Taliban gunmen killed 150 of their classmates and teachers last month, clutching their parents' hands tightly in a poignant symbol of perseverance despite the horrors they had endured. It was the first time the school had reopened since the assault and security was tight. By Zarar Khan and Riaz Khan. SENT: 750 words, photos.

-- UNITED STATES-PAKISTAN -- Kerry on unannounced visit to Pakistan to boost counterterrorism cooperation. SENT: 140 words.


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- Less than a week after its longtime president was surprisingly voted out of office, Sri Lanka welcomes Pope Francis on Tuesday, with the island nation's Catholic minority hoping he can help heal the lingering wounds of the country's 25-year civil war. The war between minority Tamil rebels, who are mostly Hindu, and the central government, dominated by the overwhelmingly Buddhist ethnic Sinhala majority, ended in 2009. By Krishan Francis. SENT: 720 words, photos.

-- ASIA-POPE-5 THINGS TO KNOW -- By Nicole Winfield. SENT: 1,360 words, photos.


HONG KONG -- Hong Kong police are investigating after small firebombs were thrown at the home and business of a pro-democracy media magnate in an apparent intimidation attempt. Surveillance video showed a car backing up to the gates of Jimmy Lai's home and a masked attacker getting out and throwing what looks to be a Molotov cocktail before driving off. By Kelvin Chan. SENT: 420 words.


KABUL, Afghanistan -- After months of delays and missed deadlines, the Afghan government finally unveils its full list of Cabinet nominees. SENT: 280 words.


BEIJING -- Chinese police shoot and kill six would-be bombers in the latest violence to strike the restive far northwestern region of Xinjiang, a local government spokesman and official website say. SENT: 280 words.


CANBERRA, Australia -- A fourth ship with specialized underwater sonar equipment will join the search for a Malaysia Airlines jet 10 months after it vanished under mysterious circumstances, an Australian official says. By Rod McGuirk. SENT: 410 words, photos.


Two weeks after the Air Asia jet carrying 162 people on board crashed in the Java Sea, search teams lift the tail portion of the jet out of the water. And at the first auction of the year at Japan's famed Tsukiji fish market, buyers bid on fresh tuna amid rising concerns that stocks of Bluefin tuna are becoming depleted from overfishing. SENT: 200 words, photos.



SEOUL, South Korea -- LG Display says two people were killed and four others sickened by a nitrogen leak at its factory north of Seoul. By Youkyung Lee. SENT: 120 words, photos.


BEIJING -- Volvo Cars, the Chinese-owned Swedish automaker, says it will export cars made in China to the United States, a step forward for Beijing's ambitions to extend the global reach of its auto manufacturing industry. By Joe McDonald. SENT: 290 words.


BEIJING -- Growth in auto sales in China, the biggest market by number of vehicles sold, slowed last year but reached 19.7 million vehicles. An industry group, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said sales for the full year rose 9.9 percent. That was down 5.8 percentage points from 2013. SENT: 480 words.


BEIJING -- Police arrest more than 110 people on suspicion of selling pork from diseased pigs in the country's latest food safety scandal. More than 1,000 tons of contaminated pork and 48 tons of cooking oil produced from the meat have been seized in the operation that began last year across 11 provinces, the Public Security Ministry says. SENT: 220 words.



PARIS -- France orders 10,000 troops into the streets to protect sensitive sites after three days of bloodshed and terror, amid the hunt for accomplices to the attacks that left 17 people and the three gunmen dead. Prime Minister Manuel Valls says the search is urgent because "the threat is still present." By Lori Hinnant and Suzan Fraser. SENT: 490 words, photos, video.

-- FRANCE-ATTACKS-POPE -- Pope Francis denounces the religious fundamentalism that inspired the Paris massacres and ongoing Mideast conflicts. SENT: 320 words, photo.

-- KERRY-PARIS -- Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Paris this week to show solidarity with the French people. SENT: 670 words.


MILAN -- The killing of four French Jews in last week's hostage standoff at a Paris kosher market deepens the fears among European Jewish communities shaken by rising anti-Semitism and feeling vulnerable due to poor security and a large number of potential soft targets. In the wake of several attacks, Israeli leaders call on European Jews to immigrate to the Jewish state. By Colleen Barry and Aron. SENT: 1,100 words, photos.

-- GERMANY-XENOPHOBIA -- Digging at roots of anti-Islam protests reveals fear of the unknown and links to Germany's far right. SENT: 940 words, photos.


WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama drops the qualifications that tempered his economic message last year, choosing a bullish new pitch that the recovery is strong and widespread. By Jim Kuhnhenn. SENT: 590 words, photos.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- The Golden Globes inches closer toward legitimacy in its 72nd show, giving awards not just to A-List celebrities, but to the edgier productions that deserve recognition, including "Boyhood," ''The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "Birdman." Adding to the evening's spirit of subversion is the recurring theme of free speech, which dominates remarks from George Clooney to Jared Leto. By Film Writer Lindsey Bahr. SENT: 640 words, photos, video.

-- GOLDEN GLOBES-TV REVIEW -- How the Globes party worked as a television show, the highs and lows. SENT: 630 words, photos.

-- GOLDEN GLOBES-TV -- A look at the Globes TV categories. SENT: 650 words, photos.

-- GOLDEN GLOBES-FASHION RECAP -- Winners and losers on the Globes red carpet. SENT: 700 words, photos, video.

-- GOLDEN GLOBES-SHOW BITS-PACKAGE -- A collection of colorful items not necessarily seen on TV. SENT: 1,900 words, photos.

-- GOLDEN GLOBES-LIST -- A complete list of winners in all Globes categories. SENT: 200 words, photos.


BAGHDAD -- In the eyes of most Iraqis, their country's best ally in the war against the Islamic State group is not the United States and the coalition air campaign against the militants. It's Iran, which is credited with stopping the extremists' march on Baghdad. By Hamza Hendawi and Qassim Abdul-Zahra. SENT: 1,200 words, photos.


CAIRO -- An Egyptian court acquits 26 men arrested in a televised raid last month by police looking for gays at a Cairo public bathhouse, a ruling that set off deafening cheers and jubilation inside the courtroom as some of the defendants uncovered their faces and cried with relief. The trial, which caused an uproar among activists and rights groups, captures public attention after a pro-government TV network airs scenes of half-naked men being pulled from the bathhouse by police. By Maggie Michael. SENT: 440 words.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- It's been five years since the ground shook violently in and around the overcrowded capital of Haiti, the Western Hemisphere's poorest country, raising a cloud of dust over the smashed city and outlying towns. Here's a selection of photographs that show Haiti then and now. SENT: 270 words, photos.


BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Migrants dreaming of Europe have their pick of social media sites that work like an online travel agent, while the traffickers who send them floating across the Mediterranean buy scrapyard cargo ships over the Internet. That's the picture of an increasingly sophisticated business in migrant smuggling painted by European officials and an EU document seen by The Associated Press. By Lorne Cook. SENT: 640 words, photos.


MIAMI -- Ric O'Barry, one of the original trainers of the dolphin star of the 1960s TV show "Flipper," had a change of heart in 1970. Since then, he's been at the vanguard of a movement to end dolphin performances, a push that has scored several successes lately, including the National Aquarium's decision to drop shows earlier this year. By Jennifer Kay. SENT: 930 words, photos, video.


With the introduction of the $30,000 Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors sets up a battle with Tesla to sell electric vehicles to the masses. But it risks upstaging a car of its own, the pricier Volt, which gets updated for the 2016 model year. By Tom Krisher. SENT: 130 words.


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- A shipment of much-needed groceries and belated Christmas presents finally arrives at the International Space Station. The SpaceX company's supply ship, Dragon, pulls up at the orbiting lab, two days after departing Cape Canaveral, Florida. By Marcia Dunn. SENT: 320 words.


-- GERMANY-UKRAINE -- Germany's foreign minister hosts his counterparts from Russia, Ukraine and France in an attempt to move forward efforts to calm the Ukrainian crisis. SENT: 130 words.

-- GERMANY-TURKEY-TERRORISM -- Germany's domestic intelligence chief urges Turkey to do more to prevent extremists crossing into Syria to join the Islamic State group. SENT: 130 words.

-- MOZAMBIQUE-DEADLY BEER -- Authorities in Mozambique say the number of people who died after drinking contaminated traditional beer has risen to 69. SENT: 220 words.

-- OBAMA-DATA PRIVACY -- President Barack Obama wants Congress to pass legislation requiring companies to inform customers within 30 days if their data has been hacked. SENT: 280 words, photo.


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