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Xinyi suspects on bail report to authorities Saturday

Xinyi suspects on bail report to authorities Saturday

13 suspects in the beating and killing of Xinyi District police officer Hsueh Chen-kuo in mid-September reported to Taipei District Court Saturday morning as part of the conditions for meeting bail in the run-up to trials at a later day. Many of the defendants were accompanied by family members who told reporters of the strains they have been under since the violent incident outside a nightclub on the city’s east side.

The District Court extended bail to 13 of the 17 suspects arraigned in the case, but with the proviso that they are to report to the court every Saturday morning, and they are also to write essays on 20 topics presented by judges which are designed to determine the mental status of each defendant. They were submitted to a roll call to ensure that all were present, then the judges asked for a report on their progress in writing up the essays required of them.

Chen Wei-hao was the first in the group to report to the court, but as soon as he entered the building he asked to be excused to go the toilet where he would be out of the watchful eye of the media. Cheng’s girlfriend Liu Hsin-tong and others arrived shortly afterwards, all without saying a word to reporters. Defendant Yu Chia-hwa arrived at the court slightly more than a half hour late, but fortunately he was able to scurry inside before the judges began their roll call.

Media picked up on a report that Yi Pao-hung had gone with his family to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday shortly after he was released from jail January 7. Yi reportedly sang a couple of songs to the accompaniment of a coin-operated karaoke machine, but he limited his performance to just three songs lest word get out and the media try to record the event. Yi’s mother told reporters that her son is willing to do public service or whatever is required of him by the court and asked the families of everyone who has suffered to forgive him.

The young Yi faced reporters afterward and bowed deeply and apologized. Asked which essays he had been asked about, he disclosed that the judge had asked him about the essay he had written on the topic of "What is loyalty?"

Updated : 2021-09-28 07:46 GMT+08:00