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TRA to offer more ticket options for Chinese New Year

TRA to offer more ticket options for Chinese New Year

The Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) has announced that it will expand ticket sales for its popular Puyuma-class trains between Taipei and the East Coast during the Chinese New Year break in February. More seats will be made available for non-reserved seating and two additional runs from Taipei to Hualien and four runs from Taipei to Taitung each day, making a total of 36 more runs during the six days of the holiday break. In addition, standing-room tickets will be sold on runs that are sold out, the first time passengers have been allowed to stand on Puyuma trains.

Unfortunately those who buy standing-room tickets will not get a break on prices. TRA says the fares for those willing to stand will have to pay full fares of NT$440 between Taipei to Hualien and NT$783 from Taipei to Taitung . In order to ensure the safety of passengers who are standing, the Puyumas will travel at slightly slower speeds, especially on curved sections. As a result the travel time from Taipei to Hualien will increase by a bit more than ten minutes, while overall travel time from Taipei to Taitung will increase from the regular 3.5 hours to about 4 hours.

TRA said that there will still be a cap on the number of non-reserved seats sold. Each Puyuma run will carry 372 seated passengers and 186 standing passengers for a total of 558 passengers per train during the Chinese New Year period. The extra tickets and extra runs will increase carrying capacity to 64% more than regular weekday traffic and 50% more than usual weekend and holiday levels. Detailed time tables and ticket information will be announced January 16, and tickets will go on sale January 28.

Updated : 2021-09-21 11:31 GMT+08:00