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Report: Saudis behind attack along Iraq border

Saudi-linked newspaper says Saudis behind the attack along Iraq border that killed 3 soldiers

Report: Saudis behind attack along Iraq border

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- A Saudi-linked newspaper is reporting that at least two of the four gunmen involved in an attack along the kingdom's border with Iraq earlier this week were Saudi nationals.

The al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper on Wednesday quoted unnamed officials saying that one of the two Saudis believed to be involved in Monday's attack had a prior security record. The officials say DNA tests are being performed to confirm the attackers' identities.

The pan-Arab daily has close ties to the royal family. It is published by a firm whose chairman is the son of Saudi Arabia's crown prince.

The attack on the Saudi security patrol near the country's border with Iraq killed three soldiers and wounded at least three more. All four militants died. No group has claimed responsibility.

Updated : 2021-09-26 11:24 GMT+08:00