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Lo Chih-chiang admits meeting Weis, denies lobbying charges

Lo Chih-chiang admits meeting Weis, denies lobbying charges

Former President’s Office Secretary-General Lo Chih-chiang admitted that he met members of the Wei family and Ting Hsin Group officials on four occasions last year. He denies, however, allegations raised by radio talk show host Clara Chou that he served as a ‘door keeper’ for the Weis and Ting Hsin in their dealings with the government.

Lo’s comments came in response to a magazine article which revealed that Lo traveled to the Weis’ ancestral home in Changhwa to express greetings for the Chinese New Year last year, a visit that came only two days after a briefing by Ting Hsin officials at the President’s Office. The magazine implied that Lo’s visit to the Wei family home so close on the heels of the Ting Hsin briefing would seem to indicate there was some kind of relationship between the Weis and the President’s Office.

Lo admitted Wednesday that he had met members of the Wei family and Ting Hsin four times during the year including the briefing in Taipei, but protested that he had done nothing improper on behalf of the businessmen and their company. He said he did not make the arrangements for the briefing at the President’s Office and added that he had dined two times during the year with Wei Ying-heng, both times at Wei’s invitation.

Lo explained that as Secretary-General of the President’s Office he had contact with countless business people in Taiwan and elsewhere. He declared that he had never profited personally from any of his dealings with businesses on behalf of the government and stressed that he had never discussed any specific cases with members of the Wei family.

Lo protested the actions of Chou, saying that she is trying to paint him with accusations that leave question marks and smudges on his integrity as an official in the Ma administration. He said Chou has accused him of trying to exert influence in the Wei family’s efforts to acquire a larger share of Taipei 101. He stresssed that all of his dealings concerning Taipei 101 had been done through Christine Song, the chairperson of Taipei 101.

Chou went to Facebook after hearing Lo’s comments. She said that Lo’s remarks only serve to indicate that everything she has said about the relationship between Ting Hsin and the President’s Office is true. If Lo was not the ‘door keeper’ for Ting Hsin at the President’s Office, she said, that can only mean one thing – that the door keeper was Ma Ying-jeou. She asked for the President’s Office to offer a clear response to the questions she has raised about relations between the Weis and the government.

Updated : 2021-09-24 23:39 GMT+08:00