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Italy football chief plans to cut size of Serie A

Italian chief Tavecchio hopes plan to reduce Serie A to 18 clubs approved this year

Italy football chief plans to cut size of Serie A

ROME (AP) -- Italian Football Federation president Carlo Tavecchio hopes a plan to reduce Serie A from 20 to 18 clubs is approved this year.

Tavecchio tells RAI state radio, "If it's not done in 2015 then we'll have to make other evaluations."

Tavecchio also wants to cut Serie B from 22 to 20 clubs.

He says, "The Italian sports system is imploding. The resources are diminishing. ... (The reductions) can return Italian football to a better level."

Dragged down by old stadiums, dwindling attendance, fan violence and racism, Serie A is struggling to keep up with leagues in England, Spain and Germany.

Italy is fourth in UEFA's country coefficient rankings, which determine how many clubs each league gets in the lucrative Champions League.

Tavecchio did not say when the cuts might be made.

Updated : 2021-09-20 01:22 GMT+08:00