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India says Pakistan fishing boat explodes

India says it intercepted suspicious Pakistan fishing boat, which then blew itself up

India says Pakistan fishing boat explodes

NEW DELHI (AP) -- India's Defense Ministry says a coast guard ship intercepted a Pakistani fishing boat suspected of carrying explosives in the Arabian Sea, and the four occupants of the vessel blew it up after a nearly hour-long chase.

The ministry said Friday that intelligence sources indicated that the boat from near Karachi was planning an unspecified illegal transaction. It said the coast guard ship intercepted the boat late Wednesday and demanded it stop to allow a search of its crew and cargo, but it attempted to escape from Indian waters.

The ministry said after nearly an hour, the people on the boat set it on fire, causing it to explode and sink. There was no sign of their bodies.

There was no immediate comment from Pakistan.

Updated : 2021-09-19 04:35 GMT+08:00