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Russia fails to resolve Capello payment issue

Russia fails to find funds to pay coach Fabio Capello's unpaid wages

Russia fails to resolve Capello payment issue

MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian Football Union has failed to achieve its goal of paying national team coach Fabio Capello his unpaid wages by the end of the year.

Capello has not received any of his reported $11 million-a-year salary since June amid financial problems at the RFU.

The organization's president Nikolai Tolstykh said Monday he planned to resolve the issue by the end of 2014, but told local media Wednesday that was now impossible.

With Russia gearing up for almost two weeks of public holidays and days off work, Tolstykh said it had been hard to find sources of funding to pay the veteran Italian coach.

Unpaid wages were "not a topic for the New Year holidays," he told the R-Sport agency, adding that talks would resume Jan. 12.

Updated : 2021-07-26 12:33 GMT+08:00