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Lee Yuan-tse, Chen Shih-meng eyed over 2008 donation rumors

Lee Yuan-tse, Chen Shih-meng eyed over 2008 donation rumors

With the Special Investigation Division (SID) already engaged in investigation of allegations concerning political donations by the Ting Hsin Group to the KMT, the unit also turned its attention to charges regarding an older contribution. The SID said Wednesday that former Academia Sinica President Lee Yuan-tse and former Secretary-General of the President’s Office Chen Shih-meng have reported they learned that during the 2008 presidential election, two veteran technology magnates had each donated NT$500 million to Ma Ying-jeou.

In a related incident, on Wednesday Tainan City Councilor Wang Ting-yu clarified a remark he made several days ago on a television talk show, saying that when he talked about a donation of NT$1 billion, he was referring to the two NT$500 million donations from the two technology veterans and not to an alleged NT$1 billion donation from Ting Hsin.

Wang also disclosed that SID has called Chen in for questioning in connection with the allegations, and Lee has also been asked to talk with the unit. The two are reportedly being questioned about statements made by Chen regarding donations allegedly made to Ma in 2008.

Wang said that over the years Lee has neither publicly confirmed nor denied Chen’s allegations. He stressed that he is certain Chen will testify truthfully to investigators but that Lee's testimony should take precedence.

Lee has reportedly already informed SID of the identity and positions of the two technology veterans involved. He is said to have told investigators he believes the donations were not documented, and the two businessmen involved are likely to be called in for questioning.

Updated : 2021-05-11 12:24 GMT+08:00