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Annette Lu to seek Ma if Chen Shui-bian not paroled Wednesday

Annette Lu to seek Ma if Chen Shui-bian not paroled Wednesday

Former Vice President Annette Lu arrived at 9:15 Wednesday morning at Taichung prison, where she had a message for President Ma Ying-jeou. Lu announced, "I want to tell President Ma Ying-jeou that he should let Chen Shui-bian go home today to recover, which is what the people are hoping for. We should all dispel the bad karma from 2014 and put away all past grievances. I also appeal to both the ruling and opposition parties to meet the New Year by working to create a better future for the development of Taiwan."

Lu added, "I am not conducting a hunger strike just to feel hungry, it is because the Ministry of Justice has not granted a parole to Chen Shui-bian for medical treatment. If a medical parole is not granted to Chen today, tomorrow I will go – in a wheelchair or on a stretcher if necessary – to the Presidential Office and call President Ma to account."

Lu angrily exclaimed that she felt cheated, as she had believed documents from Taichung Prison needed to be sent to the Agency of Corrections in Taipei for approval. She now knows that the agency has an office in Taichung right next to the prison. Now that she is aware of that, she said, if Chen’s parole is not granted Wednesday she will go to the flag-raising ceremony at the President’s Office on New Year’s Day to hold him accountable. She explained that she has already alerted people in Taipei to be ready.

Lu pointed out that many people have been urging for two or three years that Chen be given a medical parole, but authorities refused to act until she publicly stated that he should be released before the end of the year. She originally hoped the medical parole could be granted before Christmas, there was more red tape, so as a goodwill gesture she said he should be released by December 28.

Lu noted that she served with President Chen Shui-bian for eight years as Vice President and naturally feels a great deal of gratitude to him, thus she decided to launch a hunger strike to show her great determination to help him. She added that she told Chen’s wife a few days ago that she would do her best to see that he can go home to recover.

Lu has been on her hunger strike for several days and her blood glucose level had dropped from its normal 120 to 80 on Tuesday. A doctor administered glucose on Wednesday but the blood sugar level was still below 60, and the doctor told her to go to a hospital at 4pm for further checks.

Chen Shui-bian's son Chen Chih-chung arrived at Taichung Prison at 9:45am Wednesday. He brought a painting done by his daughter and explained that it was a painting of a park. His daughter hopes very much that her grandpa will be able to take her to play in the park, he said.

Updated : 2021-12-08 09:36 GMT+08:00