Germany reportedly contributed to NATO 'hit list'

German army reportedly contributed to NATO 'hit list' in Afghanistan

Germany reportedly contributed to NATO 'hit list'

BERLIN (AP) -- German media are reporting that the country's army contributed to a list of insurgents targeted for killing or detention by NATO in Afghanistan.

Opposition lawmakers called Tuesday for an investigation into the reports, saying they contradicted government's assurances that German forces weren't involved in so-called targeted killings.

Newspapers Der Spiegel and Bild cited NATO documents showing Germany was among countries that added names of insurgents to NATO's Joint Prioritized Effects List.

An army spokesman says insurgents nominated by Germany were marked for detention only, and that was the aim whenever German forces were in command of a joint operation.

But Lt. Col. Markus Beck told The Associated Press that military operations by other NATO members that took place under national command may have drawn on information contained in the list.

Updated : 2021-02-27 06:16 GMT+08:00