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China jails filmmaker of constitution documentary

China jails maker of documentary on constitutional rule amid pledges to respect charter

China jails filmmaker of constitution documentary

BEIJING (AP) -- A Chinese court has given a one-year jail sentence to a filmmaker who produced a documentary on the country's 100-year quest for constitutional rule.

Lawyer Zhang Xuezhong said the Beijing district court found Shen Yongping guilty on Tuesday of running an illegal business because he had not obtained permission to film the documentary. He said Shen would appeal the verdict because he had not profited from the film and had released it online for free.

The lawyer said Shen was detained in April after he finished the eight-part series on efforts in China to achieve constitutional rule.

Calls to the court were unanswered Tuesday.

The ruling Communist Party has pledged to respect the constitution and legal system, though critics say it continues to remain above the law.

Updated : 2021-06-23 13:09 GMT+08:00