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Taiwan News Morning Briefing – December 30

The western half of Taiwan was suffering Monday under a haze of concentrated air pollutants riding the cold air mass that has moved in from China, acc...

The western half of Taiwan was suffering Monday under a haze of concentrated air pollutants riding the cold air mass that has moved in from China, acc...

Market & Commodity ■ Taiwan stock market (TWSE) opened up 12.82 points to 9,299.10 on Tuesday, with turnover reaching NT$0.91 billion. (Taiwan News) World News ■ An Indonesian helicopter searching for the missing AirAsia jetliner sees two oily spots in the water, and an Australian search plane spots objects elsewhere in the Java Sea, but it is too early to know whether either is connected to the aircraft and its 162 passengers and crew. (AP) ■ A strong earthquake measuring magnitude 6.1 shakes parts of the southern and central Philippines, frightening people but causing no serious damage or injuries, officials say. (AP) ■ Helicopters defy high winds, stormy seas and darkness to pluck hundreds of passengers from a Greek ferry that caught fire off Albania, as survivors tell of a frantic rush to escape the flames and pelting rain. Five people have died and dozens remained trapped on board a day after the fire broke out. By Andrea Rose and Nicole Winfield. (AP) ■ Greece's government was forced on Monday to call early national elections, stoking financial concerns as investors worry the main opposition party will win — and want to renege on the country's bailout deal. (AP) Local News ■ Former Vice President Annette Lu continued her hunger strike Sunday on its second day, a move aimed at putting pressure on the Ma Ying-jeou administration to grant a medical parole to former President Chen Shui-bian. Lu again took the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to task for what she called malicious delays in acting on an application, saying the ministry "needs to be fast, why can’t they make a decision tonight?" (Taiwan News) ■ Radio talk show host Clara Chou was back in the spotlight Monday afternoon, posting a statement on Facebook regarding steps allegedly taken by Wei Ying-chiao of Ting Hsin to consolidate the Wei family’s hold on Taipei 101. Chou said that former Central News Agency President Chen Shen-ching, a university classmate of King Pu-tsung, had approached then-Deputy Secretary-General Luo Chih-chiang of the President’s Office for assistance in what Chou said may have been an illegal move. (Taiwan News) ■ KMT spokesman Chen Yi-hsin said Monday that the party has already publicly clarified its position on the matter of campaign contributions on several occasions. He noted that the KMT and party Deputy Secretary-General Lin The-jui had already instituted legal proceedings against Chou. (Taiwan News) ■ The Pingtung District Prosecutors Office on Monday have filed charges to invalidate the election victories of 22 newly elected local government officials on suspicions that they had committed electoral fraud. (CNA) ■ Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. announced Monday that it has won a final ruling in a patent suit against Lotes Suzhou Co. Hon Hai and its subsidiary, Foxconn (Kunshan) Computer Connector Co., said Hon Hai received the final ruling of the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province on Dec. 19, which upheld a ruling by the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court that Lotes Suzhou infringed Hon Hai USB 3.0 patents. (CNA) ■ Taxi app Uber has been breaking the rules and fooling consumers with deceptive arguments, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) said Monday after Uber launched a Facebook campaign to drum up commuter support. (CNA)

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