Clara Chou questions Luo Chih-chiang role in Ting Hsin buy into Taipei 101

Clara Chou questions Luo Chih-chiang role in Ting Hsin buy into Taipei 101

Radio talk show host Clara Chou was back in the spotlight Monday afternoon, posting a statement on Facebook regarding steps allegedly taken by Wei Ying-chiao of Ting Hsin to consolidate the Wei family’s hold on Taipei 101. Chou said that former Central News Agency President Chen Shen-ching, a university classmate of King Pu-tsung, had approached then-Deputy Secretary-General Luo Chih-chiang of the President’s Office for assistance in what Chou said may have been an illegal move.

Chou asked whether President Ma had played the role of a ‘door god’ for Ting Hsin in its efforts to secure its hold on the Taipei 101 property. In addition, she wondered, should Luo be considered an accomplice in meeting Wei Ying-hsing of the Wei family at the President’s Office? Chou also mused about the blurring of lines between public and private business in actions such as Luo Chih-chiang’s appearance along with his older brother Luo Chih-yong at a dinner hosted by the chairman and chief financial officer of a financial holding company.

Chou said the two Luos’ presence at the dinner would seem to have overstepped the bounds set for officials in the Ma administration, and revealed that she had conveyed this information through a trusted official to King Pu-tsung at the end of last year. Chou called for "all relevant persons to please face the truth" on this matter.

Chou also touched on her conversations with Chang Jung-feng, former Deputy Secretary General of the National Security Council. Chang said he had asked Wu Tsu-chia, chairman of Formosa Newsletter, about political contributions of NT$1 billion to the KMT and where they had come from. Chang told Chou that the amount of the donations was NT$200 million and they involved the Ting Hsin Group.

Chou added that she interviewed Chang on December 3 this year on the subject of Mayor Ko Wen-je’s election strategy. Chang told her then that he was “disappointed” in the Ma Ying-jeou administration, which he said had been acting very suspiciously lately. Chou told Chang she had heard stories about contributions made by Ting Hsin, to which Chang replied that the business world was rife with rumors to that effect, but the supposed amount was not that great – probably no more than NT$200 million.

Updated : 2021-02-28 17:12 GMT+08:00