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DPP taps Wu Yi-chen in Miaoli legislative by-election

DPP taps Wu Yi-chen in Miaoli legislative by-election

Su Chia-chuan, convener of the DPP’s Election Strategy Committee, announced Monday that the party is offering Wu Yi-chen as its candidate in the by-election to fill a vacancy for the Legislative Yuan from the 2nd District of Miaoli County. Su said Wu’s name will be submitted to the party Central Standing Committee and chairman Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday for confirmation.

Su noted that Wu is currently a legislator at large who resides in Miaoli and fared well in the recent elections in Miaoli County. He pointed out that she has a long record of working with disadvantaged groups to assist them in gaining access to lawyers and basic legal services. In particular, she has been active in local struggles such as the efforts of laid-off workers to gain fair treatment from Hualong Textiles and the resistance of residents in Yuanli to wind-powered generators in their community. Su said she is a familiar figure in many events in Miaoli and deserves a chance to show what she can do for the people of the district.

Su added that Wu is currently a legislator at-large. If she is successful in the local election her duties will be filled by another at-large legislator, thus the DPP will not be affected. A win for Wu would mean one more seat for the DPP in the Legislative Yuan.

Updated : 2021-06-14 11:28 GMT+08:00