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Problem of Ko Wen-je’s secretary resolved

Problem of Ko Wen-je’s secretary resolved

The search for a secretary for Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has apparently been successfully concluded. The mini-crisis was revealed last week when stories emerged from City Hall that Ko’s originally-designated secretary had fled the office in tears at the end of her first day, saying that she would not be back.

Ko went to the municipal government General Secretariat to recruit a substitute but encountered reluctance in the pool of candidates, most of whom were afraid to take on a position they felt could involve long hours in the office.

On Monday, however, Lin Yu-kai, head of the General Secretariat, confirmed that a volunteer had come forward to take over as Ko’s secretary
Lin said the secretary, surnamed Tsai, is a relatively new hand who has been with the city government for three months. She stepped up and offered to fill the vacancy and conferred with colleagues in the secretariat, who encouraged her to go for the position. Lin said Tsai had reported for duty Saturday afternoon to familiarize herself with the office and her new duties.

Ko was peppered with questions about the secretary Monday morning at the Taipei City Government, with reporters anxious for more details about the new secretary and the ‘selection process’ used to choose her. Ko deferred, saying only that finding a suitable replacement was not his responsibility and he left it up to the head of the secretariat and other officials in the administration. He requested the reporters to refrain from asking so much about a minor subjects, saying they should “ask me about bigger problems.”