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Taiwan News Morning Briefing – December 29

A poetry fair was held in Taipei on Sunday to help independent publishers and poetry societies promote their publications.

Around 20 independent pu...

A poetry fair was held in Taipei on Sunday to help independent publishers and poetry societies promote their publications. Around 20 independent pu...

Market & Commodity ■ Taiwan stock market (TWSE) opened lower 2.07 points to 9,216.43 on Monday, with turnover reaching NT$0.66 billion. (Taiwan News) World News ■ Thousands of uniformed police officers from New York City and around the country gather at the solemn, eight-hour wake of a city policeman who was killed along with his partner in a brazen daytime shooting a week ago. (AP) ■ President Vladimir Putin signs a new military doctrine that describes NATO's military buildup near the Russian borders as the nation's top military threat. The document says for the first time that Russia could use precision weapons as a strategic deterrent. (AP) ■ North Korea calls President Barack Obama "a monkey" and blams the U.S. for shutting down its Internet amid the hacking row over the comedy "The Interview." (AP) ■ The search for a missing AirAsia jet carrying 162 people that disappeared more than 24 hours ago on a flight from Indonesia to Singapore resumed with first light Monday. First Admiral Sigit Setiayana, the Naval Aviation Center commander at the Surabaya air force base, said that 12 navy ships, five planes, three helicopters and a number of warships were talking part, along with ships and planes from Singapore and Malaysia. The Australian Air Force also sent a search plane. (AP) ■ An AirAsia plane with 162 people aboard has lost contact with ground control on Sunday after takeoff from Indonesia on the way to Singapore. Search and rescue operations were underway. According to Straitstimes, there are 149 Indonesians and six foreigners including one Singaporean, one British national, one Malaysian, and three South Koreans on board missing Air Asia Indonesia flight QZ 8501. Local News ■ Radio talk show host Clara Chou and President Ma Ying-jeou are getting closer to a day in court over Chou’s allegations that Ma accepted an undocumented donation of NT$200 million from the Ting Hsin Group during the 9-in-1 election campaign. (Taiwan News) ■ The National Alliance of Parents Organization (NAPO) came out in support of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je Sunday on Ko’s stance that the previously-used examination scheme should be extended another year for students in Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung. They also urged the Ministry of Education to work with the three northern cities to handle the elections process next year. (Taiwan News) ■ Former Vice President Annette Lu issued a six-point statement Sunday before beginning a hunger strike in support of a medical parole for former President Chen Shui-bian. The statement laid out the reasons behind her decision to launch the hunger strike and what she hopes to gain by fasting for Chen. (Taiwan News) ■ Admitting that he plans to be ‘ruthless’ in his approach to settling in asTaipei Mayor, Ko Wen-je disclosed that one of his secretaries had left the office in tears after the first day of work, vowing never to come back. Ko has been holding early-morning meetings starting at 7:30AM each work day, and even the Mayor says it may be hard to find people willing to put up with the work pace. (Taiwan News) ■ Ko Wen-je had said that one of his first official acts as mayor of Taipei would be to remove the dedicated bus lanes on Zhongxiao West Road in front of Taipei Station, and the changeover became a reality at noon Saturday. City crews had originally planned to complete the task by 10AM but ran into problems with buried pipes and water-logged soil that delayed the final paving and re-painting of lanes until midday. (Taiwan News) ■ Anna Kao, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said on Sunday that there is no Taiwanese passenger on board the missing plane. Citing initial information provided by Taiwan's representative office in Indonesia, Kao said most of 162 passengers on board the plane that took off from Surabaya for Singapore are Indonesians and there is no one from Taiwan. (Taiwan News) ■ The Presidential Office on Sunday demanded that radio host Clara Chou apologize for besmearing President Ma Ying-jeou by alleging that he had accepted NT$200 million (U$6.3 million), in political donations from Ting Hsin International Group. (CNA) ■ Domestic retail prices for gasoline and diesel will rise by NT$0.1 (US$0.003) per liter to end a 15-week slide because of the Taiwan dollar's recent weakness against the U.S. dollar, Taiwan's state-owned oil company said Sunday. (CNA)

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