Chris Rock says he 'stated the facts' in THR essay

Chris Rock 'stated the facts' in Hollywood Reporter; remarks on NYPD Grand jury decision

NEW YORK (AP) -- Chris Rock doesn't feel his recent essay in the Hollywood Reporter was that courageous.

Instead, the 49-year star said he was "Stating the facts" about the challenges of being black in the entertainment industry.

In the piece, Rock cites the lack of racial diversity in the movie business, calling Hollywood, "A white industry. Just as the NBA is a black industry."

Rock also ponders how "the most liberal town is also kind of racist."

Rock also reacted to Wednesday's gand jury decision not to indict a New York City Police officer accused of killing Eric Garner with a chokehold last summer

"It's sad when something is on video tape. It's sad," Rock said.

Rock made the comments Wednesday at the premiere of his new film, 'Top Five.'