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Colombia exhumes murdered guerrilla leader

Colombia digs up remains of guerrilla leader killed aboard airliner

Colombia exhumes murdered guerrilla leader

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Colombia is digging up the remains of a former guerrilla leader who was assassinated 25 years ago while running for president in one of the most emblematic crimes committed during a wave of terror against leftist activists.

Carlos Pizarro was killed when an assailant opened fire with a machine gun inside a crowded airliner in midflight.

Authorities on Wednesday dug up Pizarro's remains and those of his assailant to resolve one of the crime's nagging doubts: whether bodyguards assigned by the state to protect the politician also had a hand in his murder.

The former M-19 rebel leader was the third candidate killed during the 1990 presidential race. At the time, leftists and anti-corruption crusaders were being hounded by right-wing paramilitaries aligned with powerful drug cartels and corrupt state agents.

Updated : 2021-10-27 08:31 GMT+08:00