Post office urges discipline for dogs -- and their owners

Taipei, Oct. 29 (CNA) The post office on Wednesday urged dog owners to control their pets when postmen are delivering the mail and also keep themselves calm during confrontations between postal workers and dogs after a postman was attacked by a dog owner last week. Huang Hung-chun, a postman in Tainan, was hospitalized and is now recovering at home after being beaten by a dog owner on Oct. 24, according to state-run Chunghwa Post Co. Besides condemning the dog owner's violence, the post office said dogs have attacked postmen more than 350 times since the beginning of the year, and the issue has become of great concern.
Because postmen are feeling stress for fear of being attacked by dogs, they will be encouraged from now on to defend themselves properly when dealing with unfriendly dogs, the post office said. That may have been what Huang was trying to do when he was attacked by a dog owner surnamed Yun, who left Huang with broken teeth and eye bruises. Yun said the postman has repeatedly tried to provoke his dog by honking the horn of his motorbike. "I only hit him a few times. So what?" Yun said. "People have emotions, and I couldn't help it." Huang said he was just trying to defend himself with a stick when the dog -- which has shown him ill will before -- ran toward him. Huang said he will sue Yun, and the post office said it will fully back its employee. (By Lee Hsin-Yin)