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BC-AP Americas Digest



NEW YORK -- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlines guidelines for the mandatory, 21-day quarantining of medical workers returning from West Africa that he and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered two days earlier, bringing the state closer in line with federal protocols. By Frank Eltman. AP Photos.


RIO DE JANEIRO -- Left-leaning President Dilma Rousseff is re-elected in the tightest race Brazil has seen since its return to democracy three decades ago, giving the juggernaut Workers' Party its fourth-straight presidential victory and the chance to extend its social transformation of the globe's fifth-largest country. By Brad Brooks, Jenny Barchfield and Adriana Gomez Licon. AP Photos.


TORONTO -- A gunman who shot and killed a soldier at Canada's national war memorial and then stormed Parliament before he was gunned down had prepared a video recording of himself that police say shows he was driven by ideological and political motives, police say. By Rob Gillies. AP Photos


TORONTO -- A straight-laced moderate conservative is favored to win Toronto's mayoral election Monday, with many residents eager to close out the Rob Ford era characterized by crack-smoking, public drunkenness outrageous behavior. By Rob Gillies. AP Photos.


TIXTLA, Mexico -- Night is the most difficult time at the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa, where families have stayed on thin, bare mattresses in classrooms since 43 students went missing a month ago. The day's distractions of meals, meetings, marches end and the parents are left with their thoughts, questions and a simmering rage. By Christopher Sherman. AP Photos.


WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is picking some temperate spots in an otherwise chilly political landscape to campaign in the final days before midterm elections, avoiding hostile Senate terrain in favor of tight governor races where his liabilities are less likely to stick to Democratic candidates. By Jim Kuhnhenn. AP Photo.


WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army's troubled $5 billion intelligence fusion network has been a source of lucrative contracts for companies whose employees once worked for the Army, but it has failed on its promise to make data seamlessly accessible to soldiers in the field, according to records and interviews. By Ken Dilanian.


SAN DIEGO -- Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte had a lot to hide. He was living in the U.S. illegally even though he had been convicted in Arizona for selling drugs and twice deported to Mexico. His background would have almost certainly flagged him to be expelled from the country again, but he managed to stay under the radar until his arrest Friday on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and carjacking in the deaths of two sheriff's deputies during a shooting rampage in Northern California. By Elliot Spagat. AP Photos


MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay -- Former President Tabare Vazquez wins the most votes in Uruguay's presidential election, but falls short of the outright majority needed to avoid a Nov. 30 runoff, exit polls say. By Leonardo Haberkorn. AP Photos.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- A few thousand protesters allied with Haiti's opposition march through the capital demanding the chance to vote in legislative and local elections that are three years late, among other grievances. By David McFadden. AP Photos.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- The walled compound where former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide lives in seclusion under police guard has become a rallying point for hundreds of people who still idolize a champion of the impoverished masses who was twice ousted from power and now faces the threat of arrest. Rumors of an impending arrest have fueled several violent clashes with police and have heightened tension in the country where the constitutionally required legislative elections have been postponed for more than a year. By David McFadden.

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