Eric Chu on tainted oil vendors: Jail ‘em ‘til they die

Eric Chu on tainted oil vendors: Jail ‘em ‘til they die

New Taipei City mayor Eric Chu had a heartfelt if somewhat simplistic suggestion for dealing with the ‘black-hearted’ suppliers behind the latest food safety scandal. “Fine ‘em ‘til they cry,” said Chu, “and jail ‘em ‘til they die.”

A survey by the Ministry of Education (MOE) indicates that a total of 37 educational institutions in Taiwan have been caught up in the most recent wave of problems with food safety. Like the previous revelation last month involving Chang Guann, the current scandal involves tainted cooking oil – this time, products from Cheng I found to contain edible oil mixed with oil intended for use in animal feed.

The MOE survey turned up 24 elementary schools, one high school and 12 colleges and universities which acknowledged they have used oil from Cheng I. The ministry has notified all schools of the crisis and instructed them to cease using all products on the list of oils involved in the scandal.

Wang Chun-chuan, Chief Secretary of the MOE,said that the 24 elementary schools are schools with special lunch programs in New Taipei City, Taichung and Kaohsiung, while the high school is a public school in Taichung and the 12 colleges and university are scattered all over the country.

In New Taipei City a quick check of school lunch inventories found that the only school with problem oil is Jhihtan Elementary School. The school has already removed the oil from its stock.

The Ministry of Defense issued a report saying that there are no serious problems concerning the latest round of tainted oil. The only instance of sale or use of Cheng I oil was in a military PX where 2.4-liter cans of Wei-li Fragrant Oil were found and removed from shelves.

New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu called for severe punishment of those found guilty of breaking the law in all of the food safety scandals. He recommended heavy penalties for the individuals and companies involved, saying the best thing to do is “Fine ‘em ‘til they cry and jail ‘em ‘til they die!”

He added that the current rancid oil scandal is just like last month’s gutter oil incident, and the perpetrators must be quickly found out. The sources of these problem foods must be located and investigated, he said, "because there is no way Cheng I oil is the only oil involved."

Chu also stressed that the vegetables and fruits used in school lunches in New Taipei City are purchased directly from farmers via the New Taipei Fruit and Vegetable Company. He said that parents can be assured of the safety and quality of all procured from the company.

Updated : 2021-04-17 23:34 GMT+08:00