Luo Shu-lei says more accounts uncovered at NTUH

Luo Shu-lei says more accounts uncovered at NTUH

The Judicial and Legislative Committee of the Legislative Yuan convened to review the budget of the Ministry of Justice together with Minister of Justice Luo Ying-shay Wednesday, and the subject quickly turned to the question of Ko Wen-je and the MG149 account at National Taiwan University Hospital.

KMT Legislator Luo Shu-lei pointed out that as she has noted before, NTUH medical secretary Liu Ju-yi has three accounts under her name at the hospital, and she added that recently she learned that Liu also opened two more accounts using the names of two NTUH physicians, meaning that she has control of a total of five accounts. She asked why Ko needed so many accounts and promised to provide information to prosecutors that would clearly call for a judicial investigation.

Luo Shu-lei also sought to deflect the criticism of politicians and media who say that her relentless pursuit of details on the MG149 account and related subjects amount to purely political attacks. She questioned whether candidates are to be immune from such attention during election campaigns, saying that “In every election people complain about political persecution, it’s practically a cliché, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Luo said even a cursory look at the MG149 shows that it is more than just a mutual aid society set up so that hospital personnel will have funds to support their research. She said that there are deposits from public institutions, fees for speeches and even a shadowy “invoice income” category that remains unexplained.

KMT legislator Liao Cheng-ching lent support to Luo’s questions, saying that the Government Procurement Law and the code of ethics for procurement staff do not allow units like NTUH’s ECMO team to accept donations from suppliers. He said that an investigation is called for to see if the NTUH accounts have any problems.

Justice Minister Luo responded that prosecutors should look into the matter of the accounts, saying that while according to the law doctors in a hospital are not technically civil servants, they should be seen as providing services to the public.

DPP Legislator Yu Mei-nu told the Justice Minister that if she is interested in chasing matters like the MG149 account and taxes, there are about 6000 accounts scattered elsewhere throughout the government that she might want to look at. She suggested a comprehensive survey to investigate whether tax evasion might be involved in any of those accounts.

DPP legislator Lee Chun-yi asked whether someone in the Justice Ministry is the source of the information Luo Shu-lei is using to feed her accusations against Ko Wen-je. He said Luo Ying-shay should carry out a thorough investigation of that question and report back to the Legislative Yuan.

DPP legislators Kao Chih-peng and Li Chun-yi also pointed to repeated disclosures in the media about the investigation and plans of prosecutors regarding the MG149 case. They asked whether such revelations violated laws against disclosing information regarding ongoing investigations.

DPP caucus convener Legislator Ker Chien-ming noted that to date prosecutors have not made any progress on a suit filed against KMT Taipei mayoral candidate Sean Lien more than six months ago, yet they are actively pursuing leads in the MG149 case. Ker complained, "This is a double standard of justice being used to try to influence the election."

Updated : 2021-04-15 16:08 GMT+08:00