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Libya PM in Egypt for security talks

Libya's internationally-recognized premier in Egypt for talks on security coordination

Libya PM in Egypt for security talks

CAIRO (AP) -- Libya's interim Prime Minister Abdullah el-Thinni says he wants Egypt's help in fighting the Islamist-allied militias that control the Libyan capital and extremists battling his forces in the east.

On his first foreign visit since assuming office, al-Thinni said in Cairo on Wednesday that he is also seeking Egyptian training for Libya's military and police. He said the two countries are fighting terrorism, adding that the "security of Egypt is that of Libya."

Egypt says Libyan militias have waged cross-border attacks against its troops.

Al-Thinni's internationally-recognized government meets in eastern Libya because Islamist-backed militias, which back a rival government, have seized control of Tripoli and its airport. More radical Islamist militias are meanwhile fighting for control of Libya's eastern airport.

Updated : 2021-10-24 09:19 GMT+08:00