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Legislator disputes Sean Lien claim on leaving Evenstar

Legislator disputes Sean Lien claim on leaving Evenstar

KMT Taipei mayoral candidate Sean Lien is still not quite free of his entanglement with Hong Kong company Golden Meditech. On Monday the TSU held a press conference in which it was alleged that trading in Golden Meditech TDRs took place after sales of the shares were halted in Hong Kong on March 24. The TSU claimed that Evenstar, a firm founded by Sean Lien and James Ting-hua Yang, was involved in the illegal trading, and Sean Lien sought to disassociate himself from the controversy Tuesday morning by claiming that he left Evenstar in January this year.

Tuesday afternoon, however, DPP legislator Tuan Yi-kang questioned Sean Lien’s statement on when he left the company. Tuan pointed out that Lien said in a February press conference that if he is elected mayor of Taipei, he will have to focus on municipal affairs and will need to give up his position in the Hong Kong company. On the basis of that statement, said Tuan, Lien was still with Evenstar, so why is nhe now saying that he left the company in January?

In his February 24 press conference declaring his decision to enter the mayor’s race, Sean Lien boasted that he had single-handedly created Evenstar and would have to give up the company if he was elected mayor. As he put it, "I will have to quit the business it took me ten years to establish. It is the only way, this is my choice."

Tuan asked sarcastically for Sean Lien to explain how he could pledge to leave the company if elected when – as he now claims – he had already left it in January this year? "Don’t try to deceive us!" he warned.