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KMT: dinner not a celebration for PK group

KMT: dinner not a celebration for PK group

The unrelenting pressure being brought to bear by KMT legislators investigating the MG149 account at National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) is reportedly the result of an order from party chairman Ma Ying-jeou to set up a PK (player killer) group to carry on focused attacks related to political campaigns. Some observers speculated that a banquet hosted by Premier Jiang Yi-huah Monday night was a ‘celebration’ to toast the efforts of legislator Luo Shu-lei and the PK group in grilling NTUH superintendent Huang Guan-tang, but Alex Fai of the KMT Policy Committee scotched such rumors Tuesday, saying that Monday night’s affair had been scheduled two or three weeks ago and had nothing to do with any PK group.

Plus, said Fai, the banquet was not strictly a partisan gathering. He noted that some non-KMT figures such as TSU legislator Chou Ni-an were also in attendance.

The Legislative Finance Committee asked Huang to appear Monday to report on the MG149 account and answer questions. The questioning turned out to be fairly intimidating, coming from a tag team of legislators including Luo and Fai, Lin Te-fu and Lai Shyh-bao as well as moderates Wu Yu-jen, Chiang Nai-shin and Tseng Chu-wei. The legislators drilled Huang with a steady stream of questions intended to ferret out every detail of the MG149 account at the hospital.

A second round of questioning was set for Wednesday in the Legislative Finance Committee, which was to review central government budget with Auditor-General Lin Ching-lung.

On Tuesday Alex Fai denied that the PK group had been set up by President Ma, saying that he bore sole responsibility for the group. He added that the group’s purpose is not to delve into the MG149 case but rather to help integrate the resources of the party in preparing for the 9-in-1 elections in November. He also denied that the Finance Committee review of the 2013 central government budget had anything to do with him or the PK group, saying that it had been arranged by Lin Te-fu as convener for the Finance Committee.

Fai stressed that the Finance Committee’s review of the Executive Yuan budget was a routine event that is not directed at any particular person. He asked people to refrain from remarks suggesting that it was any kind of "kangaroo court" convened for political purposes.

Updated : 2021-05-16 14:28 GMT+08:00