Judge: work out security for Russian prisoner

Federal judge tells lawyers and prosecutors to find solution to security concerns

Judge: work out security for Russian prisoner

SEATTLE (AP) -- A federal judge said he doesn't like to micro-manage the bureau of prisons but also wants a Russian man charged with hacking into U.S. businesses to work effectively with his lawyers.

So U.S. Magistrate Judge James Donohue on Tuesday ordered Roman Selezev's lawyers and the prosecutor to find a system that satisfies the prison's security concerns while protecting Selezev's constitutional rights.

Seleznev's lawyers had said the prison wouldn't let them to meet their client face to face, impeding their ability to provide a defense. But prosecutors said the prison had legitimate security concerns even before two incidents with cellphones.

After Assistant U.S. Attorney Seth Wilkinson told the judge that his office would likely produce 4 terabytes of data, the judge said meeting in separate rooms and sharing documents through discs might not be reasonable. He gave them a week to work out a solution.

Updated : 2021-04-12 01:48 GMT+08:00