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Lebanon border explosive wounds 2 Israeli soldiers

Israeli military says explosive on Lebanon border wounds 2 Israeli soldiers in latest flare-up

Lebanon border explosive wounds 2 Israeli soldiers

JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli military says two soldiers have been wounded by an explosive on the Lebanon border.

The military said the soldiers were on patrol along the border Tuesday when an explosive device went off.

The incident comes two days after Israeli soldiers opened fire after what they said was a border breach in the Shebaa farms area. Lebanon's military countered that an army outpost came under Israeli fire, and one soldier was lightly wounded.

Israel and Lebanon have been in a state of war for six decades, but the border area has remained largely quiet since a monthlong war in the summer of 2006 between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

There have been sporadic outbursts of violence, including one last year when a Lebanese sniper killed an Israeli soldier.

Updated : 2021-08-03 18:12 GMT+08:00