Workers protest salaries, underfunded health-care

Romania: 1000s protest low salaries, underfunded health system, leads to 1000s doctors

Workers protest salaries, underfunded health-care

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- Thousands of workers and health workers in Romania have protested against low salaries and endemic underfunding of the health system which have led to thousands of doctors and nurses seeking work abroad.

Workers massed outside government offices in pouring rain, shouting "thieves!" and "down with the liars!" and held banners saying "Say no to humiliating salaries. Stop the abuse!"

The Santitas health trade union says 30,000 doctors and nurses have left Romania in recent years due to low salaries and underfunding.

Dr. Catalin Carstoveanu, a pediatrician at the Marie Curie children's hospital, told The Associated Press health workers feel humiliated by low salaries and low morale in the profession.

Junior doctors earn 200 euros ($260) a month. Unofficial payments and bribes to health-care staff are common.

Updated : 2021-03-01 03:56 GMT+08:00