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Dawn again: Fraser returns for Tokyo Olympic party

Flagging history: Dawn Fraser returns to Japan to celebrate 50th anniversary of Tokyo Olympics

Dawn again: Fraser returns for Tokyo Olympic party

SYDNEY (AP) -- Australian swimming great Dawn Fraser will return to Japan this week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo Olympics, where she won fame in the pool and notoriety outside the arena.

Fraser won her third consecutive Olympic gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle in Tokyo, following her victories at Melbourne in 1956 and Rome in 1960.

She was later banned by Australian swimming authorities, ending her Olympic career, after being arrested by Japanese police for attempting to pinch a flag to keep as a souvenir following a party on the last day of the games.

Asked if she'd do anything differently if she had her time over, Fraser says "I would think twice about souveniring a flag."

Updated : 2021-06-19 05:26 GMT+08:00