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Tainan City ranked 1st in satisfactory survey

Tainan City ranked 1st in satisfactory survey

In a nation-wide survey co-conducted by the Economic Daily News and Nan Shan Life Insurance, Tainan City was rated the highest in a satisfactory survey of government performance. This was the second year of this performance satisfaction survey and Tainan City was ranked first for the second consecutive year.

The survey showed, in the Taiwan region, that 59.9 percent of respondents were satisfied with local government performance, 30.7 percent unsatisfied, and the remaining 9.4 percent having no comment or response.

In terms of the satisfaction rate of local government performance, Tainan City was ranked the highest at 77.4 percent, followed by Hualien County (75.3 percent), Yilan County (74.7 percent), Taitung County (72.7 percent), and Kaohsiung City (71.2 percent).

In terms of residents’ sense of happiness, Penghu County took the first place, Hsinchu County second, and Miaoli County third. Yunlin County was at the bottom of the ranking.

Penghu County’s Secretary General Liu Ding-chien said that the Penghu County Government has been pursuing a “low-carbon, green-energy, and LOHAS” lifestyle for residents and will be successfully attracting more than one million tourists this year. However, medical service has room to improve due to its far-away location.

The Magistrate of Hsinchu County Governor Chiu Ching-chun said the government is dedicated to improving quality of life and creating a happy environment for residents. Miaoli County’s Liu Cheng-hung said the government is committed to improving employment as it created more than 80,000 jobs since Liu took office and recorded a production value of more than NT$800 billion. Tax incomes grew exponentially in Miaoli County with booming economic development.

In this survey, the top three areas rated highest in the sense of happiness were all governed by ruling Kuomintang (KMT) magistrates. And the top three areas rated highest in satisfaction survey were mostly governed by the opposition DPP magistrates and one belongs to the KMT.

Updated : 2021-10-18 03:44 GMT+08:00