Hints of leaked secrets emerge in Chang Hsien-yao dismissal

Chang Hsien-yao emerged from two days of seclusion to appear on a television talk show and proclaim his innocence of any wrongdoing in his position as principal vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council.

Chang, who was removed from his post Sunday in a move which the Executive Yuan originally said was made for “family reasons,” had laid low after a brief press conference Sunday morning, communicating with reporters via text messages but otherwise staying out of sight.

After Chang refuted the council’s initial statement that he was stepping down for family reasons, MAC spokesperson Wu Mei-hung came back to say that Chang had been let go for ‘administrative reasons’ and was the subject of an enquiry by the Bureau of Investigation.

Tuesday afternoon Chang taped a talk show for broadcast in the evening, repeating his earlier claims that while at MAC he had served the council and the president faithfully and diligently. He said he was grateful to the president for appointing him to the office and that he had done nothing wrong as vice chairman at MAC. He said he could only speculate that “maybe what the president heard is inconsistent with the facts.”

Chang added that he had prepared a statement explaining his actions in the controversy and handed it over to a lawyer. He added that he was not certain where the charges of leaking secrets and treason were coming from

Chang appeared nervous and edgy after a couple of days of seclusion but was encouraged to speak up by moderator Cheng Li-wen. He went on to say that he may have been the victim of a misunderstanding involving some suggestions that he had made concerning policy. He speculated that someone may have taken offense and said that being charged with leaking secrets had left him feeling “very cold” about the entire episode.