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Poland, Britain call for more sanctions on Russia

Poland, Britain want new sanctions on Moscow, say Russia responsible for downing of airliner


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WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- The foreign ministers of Poland and Britain have called for more economic sanctions on Russia, saying it is responsible for the downing of the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over eastern Ukraine this month.

Poland's Radek Sikorski said the responsibility for the downing of the airliner carrying almost 300 people rests with "the Russian Federation, who were and unfortunately are still supplying advanced weapons to the so-called separatists."

Hammond said that evidence suggests the airliner was downed by a missile belonging to pro-Russia separatists. While fighting blocks international investigators from the crash site, Hammond insisted conditions should be created for a fair probe.

The two leaders, who met in Warsaw Monday, said Russia should face new economic sanctions for supporting the separatists and destabilizing Ukraine.

Updated : 2021-05-07 13:30 GMT+08:00