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TSU to focus on Election & Recall Law bill, others less urgent

TSU to focus on Election & Recall Law bill, others less urgent

The TSU announced in a press conference Monday morning that during the upcoming Second Special Session of the Legislative Yuan it will work to help pass priority bills such as amendments to the Election and Recall Law which will allow non-party members to monitor vote counting in elections. In other matters such as approving the nominees for the next Control Yuan and the Free Economic Pilot Zone (FEPZ) bill, the party said there is less urgency involved and it will consider whether or not to lend its support to relevant legislation.

Deputy General Convener Yeh Chin-ling of TSU noted that there is no hurry in reviewing and approving the list of Control Yuan nominees submitted by the ruling party, saying the TSU caucus would decide whether or not to agree to discuss the matter during the special session. He noted that the KMT hopes to have the FEPZ bill passed soon, but it is still in the review stage and is not a proper item for taking up in a special session of the Legislative Yuan. Thus the TSU will strongly oppose the consideration of the bill at this time.

TSU Secretary-General Chou Ni-an added that this week’s meetings will be the second special session to be held within the period of only a month. She noted that the list of nominees for the Control Yuan was submitted by the Ma administration, and approval of the list is clearly in the interest of President Ma and no one else. She said spend such huge resources on something like the Control Yuan list was a very selfish move on the part of the president and urged him to look after more pressing business.

TSU general convener Lai Chen-chang emphasized that the amendments to the Election and Recall Law regarding monitoring of elections by non-party candidates are timely and needed and the TSU will strive to promote their discussion and approval.

As for the approval of the Control Yuan nominees, said Lai, there is no such urgency involved. He added that when even Control Yuan president Wang Chien-hsuan has come out and said that the Control Yuan could be abolished, there is naturally no reason for the TSU to go out of its way to support the president's hand-picked nominees.

Updated : 2021-06-23 21:06 GMT+08:00