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Chiu Yu-yun to promote youth angle in Ko Wen-je campaign

Chiu Yu-yun to promote youth angle in Ko Wen-je campaign

The latest member to be added to the campaign team of consolidated opposition candidate in the race for Mayor of Taipei City is the daughter of media magnate Chiu Fu-sheng, a member of the KMT Central Standing Committee. Chiu Yu-yun, an assistant professor at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), will work with Ko’s team to put together a "We Care” Youth Citizens Camp that will utilize the “design thinking” approach to understand the needs of people in various classes and work step by step to develop new planning and implementation methods to re-design and create a new Taipei City.

Chiu glossed over her family and connections in a press conference Monday, and most outsiders know little about her other than her academic background. She obtained a university degree from the London School of Economics in 1996, majoring in philosophy of science and epistemology. She then returned to Taiwan to work for a few years, and enrolled at Cambridge University in 2000, where she earned a master's in East Asian Studies in 2004 and a Ph.D in 2009. She then stayed on in the UK to teach literary narratives and aesthetics.

Chia returned to Taiwan in 2010 to teach and pursue her hopes of becoming an expert in story-telling. While working as an instructor teaching how to use stories as a part of marketing strategies she also conducted EMBA classes showing managers how to use stories to improve their management capabilities and enrich their own lives.

Chiu also set up a Creative Workshop at National Cheng-chih University, attracting more than 150 entrepreneurs to a coworking space shop on Jinhua Street in Taipei. She is currently developing another coworking space venture titled Custard Cream. These offices offer entrepreneurs a place where they can exercise their creativity and interact with others pursuing their dreams and writing their own scenes and stories.

Chiu is an assistant professor at NTUT and also works as an urban renewal consultant in Taipei, an advisor and lecturer for the Southwest Coast Service Center for the Yunlin/Chiayi/Tainan area. Chiu explains that all of her activities are designed to promote participation by the public and to create momentum for causes that will work to the benefit of the citizens of Taipei city. She said she is also working to develop a normalized model for city governance that will give residents of Taipei the power to regain the city from the hands of politicians.

Chiu hopes that her workshop will be the beginning of a citizens' movement that will attract young people who care for their city. The camp will design projects that apply practical ways of thinking and take into account the real needs of the people to find solutions to problems facing the city. During the upcoming mayoral election campaign they will look at everything from traditional vote canvassing to protest movements to develop events that will allow citizens to share their life experiences and expectations, things she says have rarely been seen in past elections in Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-05-14 19:59 GMT+08:00