Innolux surpasses Samsung in large panel market share

Innolux surpasses Samsung in large panel market share

The latest statistics indicate that Innolux (3481) was second in worldwide market share of display panels over 9.1 inches and Ultra HD television panels in Q2, surpassing Samsung and second only to LG Display.

Institutional investors point out, Innolux is an integral part of Hon Hai’s panel strategy. The progress made in Q2 market share of large display panels and Ultra HD television panels is a large step towards Hon Hai achieving its goal of becoming the world’s second largest panel manufacturer.

Samsung has been a long time competitor of Taiwanese companies in fields such as memory and mobile phones with the advantage going to Samsung in most cases. Previously, Innolux had become number one in the world in niche panel sales which includes automotive and medical applications. However, these are not mainstream products in the industry. In surpassing Samsung in large display panel and Ultra HD television panel market share, Innolux becomes the second Taiwanese electronics company, after TSMC (2330), to overtake Samsung in the realm of mainstream electronics products.

Large display panels are primarily used in televisions and, for over 20 years, LG Display and Samsung have been the world’s two largest players. Taiwanese companies such as Innolux and AUO (2409) had to settle for being ranked third or lower. DisplaySearch survey data indicates, Innolux’s global market share of large display panels and Ultra HD television panels in Q2 was 20.2% beating out Samsung’s 18.7%. Innolux and Samsung’s Q1 market shares were 20.2% and 21.2%, respectively. LG Display accounted for 25.2% of the market last quarter to lead the large display panel market for 19 consecutive quarters.

Market observers point out, Samsung has shifted focus to small organic LED panels which allowed Innolux to surpass it in large display panel market share.

Samsung’s Q2 market share of Ultra HD panels also fell to 22.3%, losing out to LG Display’s 36.8% and Innolux’s 25.3%.

Updated : 2021-04-19 12:12 GMT+08:00