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Athletes annoyed about noise in Glasgow village

A step too far: Long jumper slams 'ignorant athletes' for noise in Commonwealth Games village

Athletes annoyed about noise in Glasgow village

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) -- The spirit of the so-called Friendly Games hasn't extended to everyone in Glasgow.

Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford isn't happy with some of his neighbors at the Commonwealth Games athletes' village. The English athlete wrote on Twitter on Saturday that "being in an athletes village is great until the ignorant athletes make more noise than a herd of elephants startled in a china shop."

Rutherford complained about "some serious big feet banging around," saying that "some people are determined to annoy every other athlete around them."

Teammate Bianca Williams was equally annoyed, replying to Rutherford by describing door slamming as "inconsiderate."

But Mike Hooper, chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation, said "we've had absolutely no complaints whatsoever."

Rutherford tweeted Saturday morning that "strong words will be said soon."