Colin Firth is a killer spy in new 'Kingsman' film

Colin Firth is a killer spy and Samuel L. Jackson a 'Bond-ian' villain in new 'Kingsman' film

Colin Firth is a killer spy in new 'Kingsman' film

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Colin Firth is a "gentleman spy" with a killer umbrella and Samuel L. Jackson is a blood-hating villain with a lisp in Fox's forthcoming "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

The two actors were joined by fellow cast members and the film's writer Friday at Comic-Con to present an early look at footage from the October release.

One scene showed Firth taking on half a dozen thugs with nothing but his quick moves and powerful umbrella. His watch also shoots an "amnesia dart" at an observer who would call police. Another showed Jackson's headquarters, where a woman with knives for feet sliced a man in half vertically, then bustled about covering dead bodies so as not to offend her boss's delicate sensibilities.

"I can't stand the sight of blood," he says.

A final clip showed Firth battling assailants in a church, using a Bible as his weapon.

The writer and director behind "Kick-Ass," Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn, reunited for this film, billed as a tribute to the old "James Bond" movies.

Mark Millar, who created the comic book the film is based on, called it "a love letter to the spy movies we miss."

Updated : 2021-03-01 18:43 GMT+08:00