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Obama's UN envoy takes lead role in plane response

Obama's UN envoy Samantha Power taking on leading role in response to downed plane in Ukraine

Obama's UN envoy takes lead role in plane response

WASHINGTON (AP) -- One day after a passenger jet was shot down, Samantha Power took her seat at the United Nations Security Council and angrily began building the Obama administration's case against separatists in eastern Ukraine and their Russian benefactors.

Her remarks were both emotional and blistering, a combination that has become a trademark during her year as the American ambassador to the U.N.

Power choked up when noting that three infants were among the 298 people killed in the crash and then paused to compose herself.

She left little ambiguity as to whom the U.S. believes is ultimately responsible for the downed plane.

The episode underscored the journalist and human rights activist-turned-diplomat's reputation as one of the Obama administration's most outspoken advocates for aggressive action on the world stage.