FIFA fines Argentina for protest banner

FIFA fines Argentina for showing protest banner before World Cup warm-up match with Slovenia

FIFA fines Argentina for protest banner

ZURICH (AP) -- FIFA has reprimanded the Argentine football association and fined it 30,000 Swiss francs ($33,000) after national team players were pictured with a political banner before a World Cup warm-up match.

Several players stood behind the slogan "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" (The Falklands are Argentine) on the field at a June 7 friendly against Slovenia in Buenos Aires.

Argentina and Britain went to war in 1982 over the Falkland Islands, called the Malvinas in Spanish. The islands have been a British territory since 1833.

FIFA rules prohibit political statements at matches it controls.

It's the second time this month FIFA has fined the Argentine football body. A 300,000 Swiss francs ($340,000) fine was ordered for failing to bring Argentina players to pre-match news conferences at the World Cup.

Updated : 2021-04-18 02:46 GMT+08:00