Finland OKs Ukraine-bound missile parts

Missile parts to Ukraine stopped in Finland were part of 'normal military cooperation'

Finland OKs Ukraine-bound missile parts

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Finnish customs say a shipment of air-to-air missile parts that was stopped at the Helsinki airport last month was part of "normal military cooperation" between Ukraine and Vietnam.

Customs spokesman Sami Rakshit says the Vietnamese government has confirmed the legitimacy of the shipment impounded June 24 because it lacked transit authorization that is compulsory for defense materiel.

Rakshit says the air cargo consignment had been shipped "for repair and maintenance" as part of the countries' bilateral military cooperation.

He said Friday that Finnish customs would release the shipment later this year once they have found out who failed to request the mandatory permit.

Under Finnish law, an export offence involving defense materiel can result in a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of four years.

Updated : 2021-04-19 12:15 GMT+08:00