Jeremy Lin will benefit from reported transfer to Lakers: analyst

Taipei, July 12 (CNA) Taiwanese American NBA star Jeremy Lin will get more chances to prove his worth if he is transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers, a Taiwanese sports analyst said Saturday, commenting on media reports that the Houston Rockets have traded the point guard to the Lakers.

Joining the Lakers will likely give Lin more playing time than with the Rockets, said Li Yun-hsiang.

Chances are high that the 25-year-old will be placed on the Lakers' starting roster, given that Steve Nash, 40, is getting old and struggling with injuries, Li said.

He said Lin's production with the Rockets was low mainly due to head coach Kevin McHale's decision to limit Lin's playing time on the court.

"Jeremy Lin's performance is not bad. He just needs more playing time," Li said.

News of Lin's possible transfer to the Lakers, meanwhile, sparked heated discussion among Taiwanese netizens, with most people appearing happy to hear about his departure from the Rockets.

One fan said the news deserves "champagne," while another congratulated Lin on his "escape from the fiery pit."

Lin, who arrived in Beijing on July 7 on an annual tour of China and Taiwan, suspended the visit Saturday and headed back to the United States, presumably to deal with matters regarding his transfer.

The tour organizers said he will return to Taiwan on July 17, one day later than planned.

(By Lin Hung-han and Y.F. Low)