UKAI Legendary Cuisine: Michelin-star Excellence at Regent

Regent Taipei invites Japanese Michelin-star restaurant group UKAI to Taiwan! The most luxurious bespoke Japanese feast arrives on September 9th

Since their Taiwan visit in 2012 that sparked a national teppanyaki trend, UKAI has never before held an event of this caliber in Taiwan! UKAI is Japan’s only Michelin-star restaurant group to have ever received the honors for seven years in a row.

To celebrate UKAI’s 50th year anniversary, Regent Taipei has invited UKAI for a five-day culinary event from September 9th to 13th featuring the best of authentic Japanese teppanyaki, charcoal grill, delicate tofu cuisine, and other traditional classics. UKAI Managing Director Mr. Konno Toshiya will be leading four top chefs from UKAI’s representative teppanyaki, grill, tofu, and washoku restaurants in this year’s “UKAI Michelin-star Feast” event at Regent Taipei restaurants. Crafted exclusively for Taiwan’s gourmet crowd, this series of luncheons and gala dinners promises a stunning Japanese gastronomic journey.

As the world’s first and only Michelin-star restaurant group, UKAI owns and operates 12 business chain restaurants in Japan. Four restaurants have been awarded with one Michelin star, and UKAI’s western cuisine and museum restaurant have also been widely praised by critics all over the world. UKAI’s culinary philosophy is to incorporate global influences with traditional Japanese cuisine and service. Notably, their teppanyaki and steak cuisine bears inspiration from luxury French cooking.

UKAI Managing Director Mr. Konno Toshiya explains: “In the past 50 years, we have always viewed our customer satisfaction and joy as our greatest treasure and priority. No matter the hardware or cuisine, we do our very best to satisfy each guest’s requests and surpass their expectations. We hope that everyone will be able to feel UKAI’s generous and considerate spirit.”

This collaboration between UKAI and Regent Taipei features UKAI’s signature cuisine from four restaurants: UKAI’s first original restaurant Toriyama will be bringing its classic charcoal grill chicken cuisine and secret 50-year recipe BBQ sauce. Tofu house Tokyo Shibuya Tofuya presents its homemade tofu cuisine prepared from Hokkaido soybeans in a cool, arid natural environment that promises a beautiful light sweetness and elegant aroma. For luxury teppanyaki, UKAI-te offers its representative Japanese “i-se” lobster with basil puree and tomatoes. For traditional Japanese cuisine, UKAI washoku’s conger eel and matsutake mushroom hot pot includes a live cooking show that beautifully displays the chefs’ intricate knife work. As a large-scale, international culinary event, this UKAI feast is bound to impress and dazzle with amazing spectacle and world-class cuisine.

Held at Regent Taipei, the “UKAI Michelin-star Feast” includes an exclusive gala dinner for Regent Galleria VIP members on September 11th, but the other mealtimes from September 9th to the 13th are open to the public. Regent Taipei’s second floor restaurant Robin’s Teppan will be presenting UKAI teppanyaki for lunch and dinner (includes wine), available from NT$10,800 to NT$15,800 per person. Spaces are limited to thirty persons for lunch and sixty persons for dinner. B3 Japanese restaurant Mihan Honke is honored to offer UKAI charcoal grill, washoku, and tofu cuisine for lunch and dinner (includes wine), starting at NT$8,800 to NT$13,800 per person. At Mihan, UKAI spaces are limited to twenty persons for lunch and forty persons for dinner.