Man helps wife give birth using fire bureau's new phone service

Kaohsiung, June 9 (CNA) A new phone service launched in Kaohsiung by the local fire bureau helped a pregnant woman give birth on Monday. The Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau said it received an emergency call on Monday morning from a man who found his pregnant wife delivering their baby in the bathroom covered in a pool of blood. Hu Yi-hsuan, a firefighter with emergency medical training, assisted the couple over the phone until an ambulance arrived to take the woman to a hospital. The mother and infant are both doing well. Hu said he instructed the woman's husband to wipe the newborn baby's mouth and nose with a towel, before cutting off the umbilical cord and keeping the mother and infant warm. Hu and 78 other firefighters are participating in the new service that was launched on May 1 and enables emergency medical technicians to give medical advice to callers over the phone before the ambulance arrives. A total of 79 firefighters with emergency medical certifications currently take turns providing the service, according to the bureau. (By Chen Chao-fu and Christie Chen)