Worker has no complaints about never missing a day of work

Taipei, June 9 (CNA) A Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) worker said Monday he does not mind at all that he has not missed a single day of work throughout his 24-year career at a Hualien County station. Yang Chao-shun, who joined the railway service in 1989, was among 20 exemplary employees honored by the TRA at an event celebrating its 127 years in service. "I have no complaints. I go to work when I'm supposed to," he said, explaining that one of the benefits of never missing a day of work is that he almost never has to use his health insurance card. "The only time I remember visiting a doctor was when sands blew into my eyes when I was coordinating train times," he said. He has coordinated train times, operated switch machines and control signals at Heren Station, a cargo shipment station, since he was recruited by the TRA 24 years ago. Yang said he realizes that the station has a manpower shortage and tries to do his part by never asking for time off, and he also fills in for co-workers or even senior officials when they ask for his help. Heren has the highest cargo transport volume of any TRA station at 13,000 metric tons a day, according to Hualien operations section chief Chang Chien-li, who noted that the station has suffered from a lack of personnel on top of its heavy workload. (By Wang Shu-fen and S.C. Chang)