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Taipei, Oct. 7 (CNA) The State-run Taiwan Water Corp. (TWC) will build two seawater desalination plants this year in Makung and Hsiyu on the outlying Penghu islands, in the wake of Penghu's increasing demand for water following the development of tourism, a spokesman for the corporation said Saturday.
In addition, two old seawater desalination plants in Makung and on Wanan island will also be renovated, the spokesman added.
The corporation's deputy chief manager, Chen Fu-tien, said Penghu's demand for water has been increasing along with its development of tourism, prompting the need for more seawater desalination plants.
Chen added that the cost of desalinating seawater is high, but has fallen somewhat due to the latest technological developments, so the corporation decided to build the plants to solve the water problem.
After the Hsiyu desalination plant is completed this December, 750 tons of water can be provided per day, while the Makung plant will be able to provide 5,500 tons of water per day upon completion, Chen said.
Another desalination plant with a capacity of 4,000 tons of water per day is also scheduled for construction in 2009, he added.
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