Lai: Ma Ying-jeou‘s “Trojan Horse” quip a cheap shot

President Ma Ying-jeou was in Tainan city last week to meet with local KMT members and offer support in his position as party chairman for Huang Hsiu-shuang, the KMT candidate for mayor of Tainan in the year-end elections. Ma took advantage of the opportunity to sling criticism at current Tainan City Mayor William Lai, who was in China at the time to attend events at a couple of universities in Shanghai.

Ma said that in the past Lai had equated visits by Chinese officials to Taiwan with letting in a Trojan horse, yet “today he is off to visit China." He also said that as mayor of Tainan there was no need for Lai to pay a visit to China.

On Monday Lai termed Ma’s remarks election fodder. He pointed out that if it were not for the groundwork laid down by the DPP while it was the ruling party in Taiwan, Ma would not have been able to start up direct cross-strait flights by commercial airlines only three months after he took office.

Lai called Ma’s comments a cheap shot, saying the president only dared to make them because he was not in Tainan at the time. He said the criticism was not becoming of the nation’s president.

Lai added that when direct cross-strait flights were initiated on April 7, 2008, he was a member of the Legislative Yuan and had offered his full support in effecting the change. He invited anyone interested to check out interviews from that time on the Internet to confirm his position on the issue.