Taipei, Oct. 7 (CNA) The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) urged the organizers of an ongoing anti-corruption campaign Saturday not to "overdo" its protest to pressure President Chen Shui-bian to step down over a spate of alleged corruption scandals.
DPP Deputy Secretary-General Tsai Huang-liang made the remarks amid reports that the "Million Voices Against Corruption" campaign will launch a "besiege the Presidential Office" during Oct. 10 National Day celebrations and at the same time begin an islandwide signature solicitation drive to recall DPP legislators as part of its efforts to boot out the embattled president, who has denied wrongdoing and vowed to serve out his term until May 2008.
As a recall of the DPP lawmakers will take time, the sit-in protest, which started Sept. 9, will be extended at least until next February, according to reports.
"The campaign organizers should stop before going too far," Tsai urged.
"All related activities aimed at ousting President Chen should stop so as to give a breather to Taiwan society," he continued.
Tsai claimed that the campaign has "gradually lost its legitimacy and that the public resents such activities" and he lashed out at the organizers for attempting to prolong the protests regardless of public sentiment.
"If the series of protests do not stop, they will be bound to fail," he claimed.
An opposition-initiated motion to recall Chen failed June 27 because it could not muster 148 votes, or two-thirds of the votes in the 221-seat Legislative Yuan required, to put it to a national referendum. The opposition maintains only a slim majority while all 86 DPP as well as two Non-Partisan Solidarity Union lawmakers abstained from voting. All 12 Taiwan Solidarity Union legislators and two former DPP legislators cast invalid votes.
A second recall motion is scheduled to be put to a vote in the legislature Oct. 13. If that also fails, the opposition has threatened a third recall.
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