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Taiwannese fans spend mid-autumn festival with Italian crooner Buanne

Taiwannese fans spend  mid-autumn festival with Italian crooner Buanne

Italian crooner Patrizio Buanne, who is currently visiting Taiwan, spent the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Friday performing for a huge crowd of adoring fans, who nearly jammed the concert venue in Taipei's Pacific Sogo Department Store.
Many deferred holiday plans in order to see the performance, or traveled from around Taiwan to see this "Italian lover," known as a crooner of romantic Italian ballads.
Buanne interacted with his fans with a cordial and amiable attitude, inviting one female fan dressed in an Italian sports shirt to approach the stage, signed his autograph for many others and took photos together with those who made the request.
Buanne performed three new songs during the concert, and knowing the day was Mid-autumn Festival he wore a hat made with the peel of a pomelo -- a traditional fruit eaten at the festival -- and jokingly said he would also enjoy moon-watching with Taiwanese people because "maybe I will become a wolf-man while seeing the moon." Having visited Taiwan several times before, Buanne was familiar with shopping for bargains and bought a new cellphone for himself.
In the streets, he responded to people's greetings in fluent Chinese: "Hello Taiwan, I'm Patrizio, I'm back."

Updated : 2021-05-18 14:47 GMT+08:00