Chunghwa Telecom holds water conservation action

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Greater Taipei area staff of Chunghwa Telecom jogged at the water museum Saturday morning to help with water conservation.
More than 2,400 employees of Chunghwa Telecom in Northern Taiwan and their relatives appeared at the museum to take part in two courses, the 3-km health run and the 6-km competition run.
Company chairman Rick Tsai thanked staff for their effort and implored them to also run way out in front as a team when Chunghwa Telecom launched its 4G program. The telecom group had to become the fastest and best supplier of 4G LTE services, Tsai said.
In order to allow staff to “live the digital life,” Saturday’s activities were available through the official website, QR Codes and apps, providing them with information from the registration process to a live broadcast of the run to data about their individual performance.